Rain, Flowers and Birds

We seem to have had far too much rain on this trip. While still in Europe (specifically Berlin) the temperature soared and I was convinced that summer had arrived and we were heading for some warm climates, how wrong I was. Right across Russia at rained almost every day and it was freezing, not so pleasant on a bike, or when putting up a tent. Kaz was different really hot (much easier to cope with on a bike than being wet and cold) When it did rain in Kaz the showers were short and sweet so I didn’t even wear my rain jacket most times. I just got wet for 15 min and then 15min later knew that I would be dry and warm. The minute we went back into Russia from Kaz the torrential rain started again, freezing. Mongolia is currently pretty warm and dry but we are expecting rain over the next couple of days. It is VERY windy here.

The one thing I like about the rain is when you are lying in your tent and you can hear it pattering down outside it’s such a nice sounds and for that I like the rain. It is also a nice sound to fall asleep to. I must say I have never slept so well, I am a terrible insomniac and have a really tough time sleeping but as the trip progressed and the stress levels dissipated so the sleeping pattern got better and better. I have honesty never slept so well.

One of the other nice things I have noticed when camping here are the flowers. It’s amazing you can see a green field a perfect campsite that looks quite barren until you start walking thought and noticing the flowers. Once you’ve noticed one you just see flowers everywhere and so pretty and different according to the different terrain. This has made me think about all the amazing things we miss in our daily lives because we just don’t notice them.

The other stunning thing is the birds. I have never been a bird watcher but can guess that this is a bird watchers paradise. Camping out where it’s so quiet you notice the amazing sounds the birds make. We have also seen numerous birds of prey. One day in Kaz just in one section of the road (I guess over a 50km stretch) I counted 16 of them. They hover quite close to the road so we are getting some good views. I think they are hunting these little ground rodents we keep seeing (too fast for pictures) they are ground squirrels or some kind of prairie dog, they are cream coloured and have short stubby tails and keep running across the road, too cute. I also saw a fox the other day but it was dead fast. The saddest thing was seeing all the fox tails in the little market we past, so beautiful fluffy and think, but unfortunately not on the fox 😦