So we’ve finally made it to Mongolia. I thought Kaz was vast but nothing prepared me for how wild, vast, desolate and stunning Mongolia is. This is like arriving on another planet. The area we arrived in from Russia is quite hilly with huge mountains in the distance. The terrain is very dry and arid, with no trees except along the river. The roads are just very bad dirt roads very very rocky and they change quite  a lot from solid nice windy dirt tracks to very sandy tracks to very rocky pebbly tracks. Riding over the next few days is going to be very interesting.

I still find the Dizzy very top heavy compared to any other bike I’ve ridden. I have dropped him a number of times because of this when stopping on a steep incline. I do think my confidence and riding skills will improve greatly after this trip. I am also sure when I get on a nice well balanced WR250 I will feel like I’m in riding heaven. We have not had any technically challenging off road riding yet, just varied good / bad / terrible dirt roads with vastly different surfaces. The challenge for me is coming from the bike and the endurance. We are riding this terrain for hours and hours hundreds of KMs at a time. I am also hugely aware that I have a long trip ahead of me and no hospital just around the corner which has made me quite cautious. I am however LOVING this.