Wild Camping

The first thing we noticed when camping in Kaz as that although there are a few mozzies they are smaller and less agro than the Russian ones so quite easy to cope with, and they hate mozzie spray. The Russian mosquitoes drink mozzie spray for kicks, you can spray it on till it’s dripping off you they land lap it up roll onto their backs with their feet in the air and say” bring it on baby, I hate them.

In Kaz the first camp site was awesome when I walked into the grass hundreds of butterflies flew up and tiny blue dragon flies. It was so cool like this great welcome to Kaz this is a friendly (almost) mozzie free country 🙂

I thought I’d find it hard to wild camp with no bathroom or en-suite toilet for 6 days in a row, but actually it’s been fine. It’s amazing how quick you get used to changes in situations and the camping has been such fun I have not minded using the bushes … well if bears can do it so can I J

The best part though is reaching our guest house in Almaty and stepping into a HOT shower after 6 days WOW it felt like the best experience of my life and I just did not want to step out again. We did find a stream at one camp site and made the most of that it was FREEEEZING but great. When I jumped in the first time I screamed so loud Cesar came running over as he thought I was being attacked