Finally in Russia at about 8 or 9pm after the border crossing. Then a terribly cold ride to the hotel and finally to bed at 2am. Up early the following day with a couple 100kms to Moscow. We reached the outskirts of Moscow early enough to brave the traffic to Red Square. I cannot do this ride justice by trying to describe it in words. I have never experienced traffic like this in my life bumper to bumper 4 lanes with big trucks and busses and crazy drivers, the words organised chaos have never been so appropriate.  The thing is that the Russian drivers are mostly quite polite when trying to ride down the centre of lanes they will quite often move their cars out the way. Even on the motorways many cars and trucks will move over, this surprised me as I’d heard some horror stories about riding in Russia and coping with the trucks.

We finally made it to Red Square and wow it’s stunning, we were so chuffed to get there on our bikes and get some pictures.  So far we like Russia 🙂