Root Canal

Sitting in bed feeling very sorry for myself after having a root canal, my nightmare has always been needing a dentist while travelling especially when I was diligent enough to go have a check-up before I left.  I started getting tooth ache about 5 days ago but it was very intermittent and not hugely bad. However since I am about to travel to Kazakhstan and Mongolia and be nowhere near a city I thought I’d find a dentist and have a check-up.

Well on ex-ray later and the very nice lady dentist declared my tooth is shot and I need a root canal NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I said but my cried fell on deaf ears and she grabbed a syringe and shot me full of Novocain before I could run. OUCH it was not a very pleasant experience and I’m going to just curl up in a little ball on my bed and read my book.

However painkillers are good and they will make me feel all better to ride to Russia tomorrow. I have also decided that this is the worst thing that will happen to me and the only Dr I will need to see for 6 months, I knew I‘d have a bad day, but it’s over now 🙂