I have a rest day so am trying to catch up on the Blog, however it is actually a lot harder to blog than one would think, and let’s face it I could talk the hind leg off a donkey J

Crossing the border from Poland to Lithuania the thing that struck me was not the difference in landscape as it is remarkably similar. One would call the north of Poland flat but the landscape is gently contoured, the fields roll like waves onto the horizon. In Lithuania on the other hand the landscape is really flat, very pretty and the forests and lakes just as beautiful. Anyway as I was saying the remarkable difference are the little villages. The houses in the Polish villages are made of brick or stone. They are grey or brown not necessarily dull just plain. In the first Lithuanian village the houses were very small and made of wood but very brightly painted almost reminding me of a seaside village, very cute.

The big cities in Lithuania however are nothing to write home about so I won’t.