Things had a rather comical start this morning.

WOW what a sunny day, perfect weather in which to begin the great trek….erm great way to start a blog by talking about the weather … hmmmm ok I’ll try again

Things had a rather comical start this morning.

I had packed the panniers on the bike last night so it was just a case of the tank bag, waterproof bag on the back and me so all packed up I climbed up on the Dizzy …hmm and I tried again and nope I did not fit…no seriously I could not fit on my own bike between the tiny tank bag (yes it is the mini one, but full to capacity) and the rolled up sleeping bag and mat and the waterproof bag there was no space for me. Quick repack, the sleeping roll is now tied to the pannier phew so at least I could eventually get on the bike now to fill up and hit the road.

Did I say fill up, well much as I tried, I could NOT get the petrol cap open. The safari tank originally comes with a screw on cap so I bought the lockable cap and put it on last night. I spent what seemed like forever (longest 5 min of my life) trying to get the darn thing off, and was completely and utterly stuck. So considering that I was already embarrassed I thought I may as well just ride to the nearest bike dealer swallow my pride and ask for help. Fortunately a bike pulled up next to me to fill up saw me cursing like a sailor (no I’m not proud of that) offered to help, I did the girly act (yuck so ashamed of myself) oohhhh yess you big strong biker please help me get this frigging cap off. It took him six minutes (see one more minute and I would have cracked it) but we finally figured out that you have to turn key, wait for click, turn cap doh many thanks later, full tank and I was off

The rest to day went like a dream and I loved every minute off it especially the coffee that awaited me on my arrival, Thanks Rob and Alison 🙂